Amidst the dark, post-apocalyptic world lies a stunningly beautiful realm; despite the buildings and structures being a shadow of its previous splendor, there’s this unknown wonder about nature reclaiming its territory, especially when almost all of humankind are lost to the deadly plague.

This is The Last of Us.

Created by the very same team that brought you the Unchartered series, The Last of Us is an upcoming PS3-exclusive game set to be released on 14th June, 2013. In case you haven’t heard about The Last of Us yet, it was unveiled during last year’s E3, and crowned as one of the most anticipated and best game of 2012.


The game tells a story of Joel and his female companion Ellie as they journey through the U.S., escaping the quarantine zones the military has kept them in to avoid any infection from a Cordyceps fungus. In order to fulfill an oath he made, Joel runs away with Ellie in an attempt to bring her to a resistance group called Fireflies, causing the military to chase after the duo. However, the military isn’t their only threat; scavengers, and even the infected will all hunt the pair down, forcing them to actively fight their way through the cities in order to survive.

In the latest video log recorded by the Naughty Dog team, we explore what went into design and concept of The Last of Us’s universe. Their keyword for the creation of the world is contrast – almost every aspects of the game has a counterpart, bringing the players both ends of the spectrum as they immerse themselves in the scenic world of the game, to see what we’ve built and what we’ve lost.


In addition, The Last of Us also features pretty realistic killing. And when I say realistic, I mean the sense of regret that overwhelms you almost immediately when you take a swing at the infected or even opening fire at a helpless enemy that tried to murder you seconds ago, even if it is just a virtual kill.

There is no doubt that The Last of Us will not just be a game filled with adventure and survival; it will be a game with a somber tale, the dialogue deep and emotional as the player gets strung into the immersive world of The Last of Us.

And you have to admit; even though The Last of Us isn’t advertised as a horror game, it can easily be passed off as one. The infected looks terrifying, and with just one glance, you know that they’re not to be trifled with.


So far all the videos and screenshots have not failed my expectations – their level designs were consistent, and you can see that both the human enemies and infected are equally threatening. But of course, the latter proves to be scarier. Who can deny that?

That being said, if you’re a fan of the Unchartered series, this is not a title to be missed; or if you haven’t gotten a PS3 yet, this may be a wise time to invest into one, especially if you love survival games with a touch of horror.


The Last of Us will be released on 14th June 2013 as a PS3-only title.


Source: 4gamer


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