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Do you like tsundere and sake? If so, then this drink was literally made for you.

The sake distributor Sake Life Support Tomu has invented a “tsundere moe-shu (moe sake)” that is available now in Animate stores and on Tomu’s website.

This moe-shu comes in two separate blends: the dry “Tense Tsun-shu” and the sweet “Pleasant Dere-shu”. However, it’s no fun drinking just tsun-shu or dere-shu, so it’s better to mix them together and create tsundere-shu. You can mix them however you like, whether it’s 50% tsun and 50% dere, or any other combination. How do you like your tsundere?


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In case you are wondering about the mascot, her name is Sakurako Kasugano, and she’s a college student who is studying to become a nurse. She has her own drama CD that is included when you buy the moe-shu. As the story goes, her graduation ceremony is coming soon, and she’s a tiny bit nervous. You, the listener, who happen to be her boyfriend, go to her house for a date, when she unintentionally overdrinks… How will this end?

Sakurako is illustrated by the doujin artist Shiratama and voiced by Sakura Tange (Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura). You can listen to her voice on the tsundere-shu’s official website.


You can get a package with a can of tsun-shu and dere-shu and the 40-minute drama CD for 4,800 yen. If you’re a sake enthusiast, you’ll enjoy sipping your custom tsundere-shu as you listen to Sakurako. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can give the sake to your boss or a family member who is of age and keep the CD and box for yourself.

Source: Tsundere Moe-shu homepage


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