vocaloid goodies for pre order

Small cute things is what best describes these Vocaloid goodies that are now available for pre-order. A total of six earphone jacks featuring Hatsune Miku and the Kagamine twins are being offered by Good Smile Company. On the other hand, the Miku Lamp figure inspired by the illustration of Nekozakana is being offered by Alphamax.

Character Vocal Series: Earphone Jack Accessories

Do you have an iPhone? If you’re a big fan of Crypton Future Media’s virtual idols then you might want to have one of these earphone jack accessories. The designs are inspired by the illustrations of Y-Oji, Souno and Putidevil.

Each of these accessories is placed inside a box. And here’s the catch: you won’t know what’s inside the box until you open it. So if you don’t really mind which character you’ll get, you can pre-order a single box at 500 JPY (6.29 SGD). But if you’re worried about getting the same design, there’s always an option to purchase a set of 6 earphone jack accessories.

Each earphone jack accessory has its own holder, allowing you to safely store it when not in use.

See all the designs below:

You can place an order at the Good Smile Online Shop from April 23 until May 22. These accessories are also available via Good Smile Company’s partner shops and other hobby stores. The Character Vocal Series: Earphone Jack Accessories are slated for release in August.

Character Vocal Series 01 Miku Hatsune – Lamp Miku feat. Nekozakana

Alphamax’s upcoming Miku figure wears a gothic Lolita dress with an adorable facial expression. The non-scale pre-painted figure was inspired by a pixiv illustration created by user Nekozakana. It stands 15 cm high (with its base included).

See the Lamp Miku figure at various angles:

You can get this figure for 3,800 JPY (47.76 SGD). It is slated for a late October release.

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