The video clip of 「Take Your Way」 by livetune featuring SEKAI NO OWARI’s vocalist Fukase has been completed and is now up for public viewing on livetune’s official YouTube channel.


「Take Your Way」 is the opening theme for currently airing anime, DEVIL SURVIVOR 2, which is based on Nintendo DS game Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2. The song is composed by vocaloid artist livetune, who has also created many Hatsune Miku songs, and SEKAI NO OWARI’s Fukase (Vo,G). 「Take Your Way」 is an upbeat, almost cheerful number perfectly utilizing Fukase’s already digital sounding voice. Illustrator, animation director, and manga artist, Fantasista Utamaro did the animation for the video.

The video features the fully animated livetune and Fukase themselves as the main characters in a vividly colorful world; a story about friendship and sacrifice, all with a catchy, upbeat vocaloid tune in the background. Check the PV out below.

「Take Your Way」 is to have its physical release on June 5. The first press edition of the release will contain four versions of the PV plus DEVIL SURVIVOR 2’s anime opening, along with three songs and two instrumental tracks for both regular and first press editions. The song will also be available for download on iTunes starting tomorrow, May 22.



livetune adding Fukase (from SEKAI NO OWARI)
「Take Your Way」

1. Take Your Way / livetune adding Fukase (from SEKAI NO OWARI)
2. Ready for Calming
3. Each and All / livetune adding Rin Oikawa(from Q;indivi)
4. Take Your Way (inst.)
5. Each and All (inst.)

<First Press DVD>
1. 「Take Your Way」 MV
2. 「Take Your Way」 MV Ver. Authentic
3. 「Take Your Way」 MV Ver. CELL FRAME
4. 「Take Your Way」 MV Ver. BLACK&WHITE

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