Puzzle & Dragons started as a hugely popular mobile game in Japan, but soon, Japanese and western gamers alike can enjoy this game on the 3DS. Look here to see how the puzzle-RPG hybrid works!

PazuDora Z is the 3DS adaptation of the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons, which gathered over 12 million users. In this game, you play as a human dragon tamer who fights and collects monsters in order to become a Dragon Master. It sounds a lot like Pokemon, but the game’s distinguishing feature is its combination of puzzle-action and RPG elements.

After you collect monsters, you organize them into a party of six. When you enter a battle, the touch screen will be filled with rows of “drops” that come in different colors. Using your stylus, you must arrange drops of the same color in lines of three. After that, your monsters on the top screen will attack the enemies.

That sounds confusing in words, so here’s a video that does a better job of explaining the battle system.

As you can see, your monsters start attacking once you erase drops from the bottom screen. The color of the drops decide which of your monsters attack, so if you erase blue drops, your water-based monsters will attack, or if you erase red drops, your fire-based monsters will attack. Also, when you erase multiple groups of drops at once, you pull off more powerful attacks, and when you erase a group of five or more drops, you attack all of your enemies at once.

Apart from battles, PazuDora Z will also feature dungeons, an evolution system, and over 200 monsters to collect. The puzzle-RPG hybrid will be released this winter in Japan, and a North American version has also been confirmed.

PazuDora monsters

Source: Dengeki


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