If you have been thinking of playing both Western and Japanese games for a while, as well as watching anime titles on a weekly basis, you’re bound to think if a certain game adaptation of a game could have been better. Here are some of our picks of titles that we wished could come true, or would be fun to play as a Real-Time Strategy game.


Suisei no Gargantia
The premise of Gargantia as a self-sufficient city based on ships is an interesting one, and developing the series’ story through a city building game would prove interesting. Much like other city builder games like Tropico or Simcity, Gargantia could potentially start out as a large solo ship, gaining finances from other fleets through trade, and gradually expanding and merging with other fleets as well, not to mention fending off pirates.

Alternatively, a background story as to how humanity left Earth stayed in space for thousands of years, as well as how there are other humans who remind on Earth during the same period.


Neon Genesis Evangelion
Wouldn’t the thought of creating your own Nerv organization to combat the Angels and preventing the 3rd Impact – as well as initiating battle tactics to combat these threats – ever come across your mind as you watch the series eons ago? Well, this sure did come across mine, and an RTS platform sure is compelling enough. Perhaps something close to Age of Empires would be great, in an all new sci-fi interface.


Attack on Titan
Nothing is revealed through the manga or anime as to how mankind managed to hold off the Titans as they build their last known city based on the 3 walls. With various districts and It would be great if they can integrate with the “Attack On Titan: Lost in the Cruel World” Visual Novel game created by Nitro+, which is slated to be out later this year.


Gundam UC series
Gundam had its fair share of RTS moments when a fan-made conversion was created for Starcraft. That’s as close as an RTS for the Gundam series as one could possibly get, but that did show that a proper RTS game for Gundam’s Universal Century series could still proved very popular among gamers.

One of the things in our wishlist include upgrade trees that resemble Heart of the Swarm, and depending how much credits you get from scouring and defeating enemy bases, you have various upgrade options from Anaheim Electronics. Who knows, you can create your own Earth Federation Gerbera Tetra, for example. Bandai Namco’s Gundam Breaker game for the PS3 proved that such a system of part-swapping can exist, but how well can it integrate with a graphics interface like Starcraft’s?


Started out as visual novels, the Fate/series tells its many arcs through manga, light novels and video games. It would be interesting to see if the series taps on a game interface similar to DOTA 2. With its rich plot and various factions involving the various Masters and Servants within its Universe, a new Holy Grail format could be created to accommodate a multiplayer function of the game.


Which anime series would you wish to be given a real-time strategy makeover, and why? Let us know in the comments below.


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