5pb.’s latest novel Occultic;Nine will be heading to stores officially this August and four of the main characters have been revealed.

Popular game company 5pb, responsible for the science adventure games CHAOS;HEAD, STEINS;GATE and ROBOTICS;NOTES will be releasing their next novel Occultic;Nine on August 25. The story will be written by Chiyomaru Shikura, who works under the pseudonym 5pb and gained popularity for Steins;Gate. Despite following the same naming system as past novels, though, it will not fall into the same genre. Instead it will focus more on the supernatural rather than sci-fi and stand alone from the sci-fi adventure series that were previously released.

The design for the characters will be done by light novel and visual novel illustrator pako, who previously illustrated Chrono Crusade and Rental Magica. He and Shikura have come together to tell the story of nine people around the world that experience supernatural events of some sort or another. Of the nine people involved, four have been shown so far.

The first person is Yuuta Gamon, a seventeen year old student. He’s described as having an unkempt appearance, and goes by the title of NEET God. To run an affiliate blog of the Paranormal Science Sparkling Basara is his dream.


The second person is Sarai Hashioue, who is nineteen and resides in Kichijouji. He’s a first year student at University goes by the handle of SARAI. He’s described as hating useless things, roundabout ways of doing things, and roundabout ways of talking. He especially hates fantasy.


Ryouka Narusawa is a sixteen year old first-year high school student, whose handle name is Ryoutasu, She would like to become the produce and sing her own songs in the future. She is described as being fair skinned and naïve to the world, and being a girl with big dreams.


The last character revealed is Miyu Aikawa, a sixteen year old under the handle Myu-. She’s the moe fortuneteller that can read which NicoNico videos will become the biggest hits.


These four characters all live in the same town around the same area, so they’re stories are likely to be tightly interwoven. With nine characters total, though, more are likely to be revealed closer to the publication date.

Source: AnimeAnime


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