Something’s cooking over at the portal site for Arc System Works’s 25th anniversary event, Arc Fes 2013.

If you head over to the website right now, instead of getting greeted by the usual splash page with the Arc Fes banner upfront, you first see some sort of flash-based countdown timer, which you’re forced to watch for a few seconds, before the rest of your regularly scheduled Web page turns up.

Chances are, this is a BlazBlue announcment Arc System Works is teasing at. Just look at that unmistakable shade of blue. And those emblems in the background; don’t they resemble in style and motif the ones that every single character in BlazBlue is represented by (examples of character seals can be found here)? Maybe they’re announcing a new character for BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma. What else could it be – the latest edition of BlazBlue isn’t even out on consoles yet.

And then there’s the smoking gun: By my calculations, when the countdown goes down to 00:00:00, that’s exactly at 8PM (Japan time) on May 19, 2013. It’s exactly the time that Arc System Works’s BlazBlue Web Radio programme is scheduled to end – so maybe the announcement is saved for the tail end of the show? And if so, then it’s gotta be related to BB, right?

(By the way, the countdown timer is relative to your PC’s system time, in case you decide to do your own calculations and end up with a different result than mine.)

arc fes programme schedule

Of course, there’s a chance that it might not be something related to BlazBlue, too (assuming there is an announcment here). One of Arc System Works’s previously countdowns was for the announcement that they were porting Arcana Heart 3 to the PS3, along with all the usual online bells and whistles you’d expect from an ASW game (personally I feel that they have the best online netcode for 2D fighters).

What do you think it is?



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