Previously we had reported about the nekomimi hoodies and headphones,  now the official Evangelion store’s homepage have updated three new products for you fans to get.

Evangelion female fans whom have watched Evangelion 3.0 (or Evangelion 3.33 for the home media release), will noticed two  headgears with cat-ears like protrusions that Asuka worn seperately in the first 30 minutes of the film. While the helmet is not made available (would be the item for bikers), you can get the nekomimi cap that she is shown wearing on board the battleship, AAA Wunder!

The cap’s design will be as shown in the film, comes complete with the metal badges. It is measured with a head circumference of 56 cm, with a stretchable band attached at the back. The jersey, too, is faithful to the design presented – simple red overall and white stripe polyester material with no addition design. Strangely enough, it only comes in ‘S’ and ‘L’ size (hopefully a ‘M’ size would be added for future release).


The metal badge can be purchased as a single item, instead of two seperate designs.



While the casual apparel would be complete with the eyepatch, it unfortunately got sold out when it is released early this year.


The cap is priced at  3,150 yen (about US$31), the badge 525 yen (about US$5.20), and the jersey at 7,140yen (about US$70.75). Fans, you might want to get them before they got sold out too!


Source: evastore.jppixiv.net (top illustration), crunchyroll.com


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