As we celebrate ten years since Bandai released the Saint Cloth Myth line in 2003, Bandai commissions Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry to create a solid gold Sagittarius Gold Cloth figure with the estimated worth of 60 million yen, which is roughly about 731,250 Singapore Dollars. Though sources did not state the name of the exact jeweler who crafted this figure, the gold figure was crafted by the Tanaka Precious Metal Jewelry Company.

The figure stands about 15 cm and weighs about two kilograms. This figure however, is not for sale and the 60 million yen that was announced is just a reference price. This solid gold figure would be a very appropriate way to celebrate a decade of Saint Cloth Myth as the series is known for its bright and flashy as well as golden armor designs.

It will be on display along with other Saint Seiya figures in Bandai’s World Sanctuary tour which includes about ten countries for the course of six months as announced my Bandai president and CEO Kazunori Ueno. The World Sanctuary tour includes several stops in countries like the United States and Hong Kong as well as several cities in Japan.

Also in the memorial event, actress and model Natsuki Kato was a special guest. Wearing a white dress and cosplaying as the series’ heroine Saori Kido, the actress was the one who presented the golden statue to the world. Also unveiled in the event are several Commemorative tenth anniversary figures.


The new line includes Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Seiya (God Cloth) 10th Anniversary Edition and Saint Cloth Myth Goddess Athena. Also included in the tenth anniversary commemorative line are Saint Cloth Myth Dragon Shiryu, Saint Cloth Myth Cygnus Hyoga, Saint Cloth Myth Andromeda Shun, and Saint Cloth Myth Phoenix Ikki.

Source: Tamashii-ustream,


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