claris new look for second story

ClariS, an anisong duo who has never made a live appearance and whose identities have thus far been represented as anime characters on their CD covers, is receiving a new look for the upcoming release of their new album, Second Story.

The new illustrated look was done by Shaft animator Hideyuki Morioka, who is said to have worked on the “original picture” for Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime series (we’re not sure if that’s a mistake), in conjunction with the rest of the Madoka Magica team at Shaft.

On top of ClariS’s new illustrated look, Morioka and the Madoka Magica team will also be working on the sleeve case for one of two limited edition releases of ClariS’s second album.

claris new look second story

Second Story is ClariS’s second full album, and it consists of three already released singles – Wake Up (OP to Moyashimon Returns), reunion (OP theme to OreImo), and Luminous (theme song for the Madoka Magica movie, Part One) – as well as nine brand new tracks.

Like we mentioned earlier, two limited editions – “limited-time production edition” (期間生産限定盤) and a “complete limited edition (完全生産限定盤) – of the album will be available on top of a regular edition. Both limited editions will come with a DVD containing the PV music videos for the aforementioned previously released singles as well as the lead song from the set of nine new tracks.

So what’s the difference? Well, apparently only the limited-time production edition will include the sleeve case designed by anime studio Shaft.

On the otherhand, the “complete” limited edition comes with Grafig papercrafts (ClariS reunion version) made in the likeness of ClariS’s animated duo instead.

claris grafig 01 claris grafig 02

Yeah, it’s almost like they’re forcing you to choose between two daughters. Fortunately, you can buy both – if that’s any consolation.

ClariS’s second full album, Second Story, hits record stores in Japan June 26.

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