Good news for all of you Date a Live fans with a PS3, DEZAEGG is beginning sale of Date a Live PS3 skins. The skins that will be sold will fit the CECH-4000 (PS3 Super Slim) and the previous generation CECH-3000 and 2000 (PS3 Slim). What’s that? A skin for the PS3 isn’t enough? Well that’s great because the pack will also include Date a Live skins for the DualShock 3 controller in addition to a Date a Live themed cleaning cloth.

A great thing about these skins is that if you so desire to, you can change the skins at any time you want without any real damage to the PS3. The skins are made so that it’s easy to just take it off without having anything rip, tear, or remain on your PS3 or DualShock controller. The Date a Live Skinseal set is now available for preorder at 3150 yen at DEZAEGG or any other major online store leading up to a June 27th release. If you preorder from DEZAEGG they will deliver it to you on June 27th, yes, a same day delivery— a pretty good deal if you ask me.


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