Finally! After an initial announcement two weeks ago, Gackt has released the track lists for his two Best of the Best albums. Considering the fact that Gackt still has not recovered from the recent scandal concerning the sexual assault charges against him, these albums might just be the hopeful news he needs.


The first volume of Gackt’s Best of the Best album is titled Mild, and includes the following for the CD: 1.WHITE LOVERS – shiawase na toki, 2.DISPAR, 3.GHOST, 4.emu – FOR MY DEAR, 5.JOURNEY THROUGH THE DECADE, 6.shiratsuyu – HAKURO, 7.LAST SONG – UNPLUGGED, 8.VANILLA, 9.Koakuma Heaven, 10.GRAFFITI, 11.kimi no tame ni dekiru koto, 12.MISSING – egao wo misete, and, chiru.

The Blu-Ray and DVD contain the promotional videos for WHITE LOVERS – shiawase na toki, GHOST, JOURNEY, THROUGH THE DECADE, shiratsuya – HAKURO, GRAFFITI, sakura chiru, and the live performance of Koakuma Heaven.

The second volume is titled Wild, and the CD track list is as follows: 1.DOOMSDAY, 2.DEATH WISH, 3.REDEMPTION, 4.UNTIL THE LAST DAY, 5.CLAYMORE, 6.FLOWER, 7.SAYONARA, 8.BLACK STONE, 9.ANOTHER WORLD, 10.EVER, 11.jounetsu no inazuma, 12.JESUS, and 13.STAY THE RIDE ALIVE.

The Blu-Ray and DVD contain the promotional videos for UNTIL THE LAST DAY, CLAYMORE, FLOWER (G only), EVER, JESUS, and STAY THE RIDE ALIVE.

Gackt’s Best of the Best Mild and Wild albums will be available for sale July 3. The Limited Edition DVD set costs 12075 yen, while the Blu-Ray set costs 12650. The regular DVD set costs 4410 yen, while the Blu-Ray set costs 5040 yen.

Source: Jpopasia


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