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Atlus has shared a new trailer today for Dragon’s Crown, a PS3/ PS Vita 2D action RPG from developer Vanillaware (Odin Sphere, Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Muramasa Rebirth).

This new trailer focuses entirely on system mechanics – one of which is a pretty interesting take on the way NPCs will work in the 4-player co-op title.

You’ll be able to do co-op online with other players through PSN – although previous reports has said that Dragon’s Crown will not support cross-platform play. So PS3 players will only play with their home console peers, and likewise gamers on the Vita will only be able to connect to those on Sony’s portable. That said, if you own both the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game, Dragon’s Crown will support importing your save files back and forth between the console and portable versions.

But what if, you do not enjoy playing with others? What if you like to go at your ARPGs alone? Or, suppose you’re playing the Vita version of the game outdoors, and there’s just simply no way for you to get online for a multiplayer session?

When these sorts of action games are designed explicitly for co-op play, inevitably this may mean that there are situations where you will just get swamped with so many enemies that it may be impossible to make it out alive.

Fortunately, even in single-player, you will not need to go at Dragon’s Crown’s epic quest alone.

There are non-playable character (NPC) party members, and the way you go about unlocking them is quite interesting: While exploring a dungeon, from time to time you may come across a pile of rotten skeletons on the ground that may have previously belonged to a fellow warrior like yourself.

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Take the pile of skeletons back with you, and through a ritual you may resurrect the fallen warrior, back to fighting-fit form.

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Once resurrected, you’ll be able to invite these new NPCs to join you on a quest, by speaking to them at a tavern where they hang out in.

In the example shown within the trailer, Theobald, a Lv12 NPC that you resurrect, hangs out at the Dragon’s Heaven Pavillion (竜の天国亭).

dragons crown 04

You’ll have to pay a fee to resurrect fallen warriors, so unlocking NPCs to party up with in solo play isn’t really without cost. Fortunately, it seems like you’ll be able to look at the NPC’s level, stats and equipment before you decide to bring him or her back from the world of the dead.

Dragon’s Crown for the PlayStation 3 and Vita is slated for release in Japan on July 25, 2013, and in the US on August 6.


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