EXILE has just revealed the PV for its new song “Flower Song” on the official Avex channel. Japanese drama watchers might have heard the song in currently airing drama “35-sai no Koukousei”, starring Ryoko Yonekura. The song single will be released on June 19.

The video starts off in monochrome, a style that EXILE hasn’t been using for a while. It shows the members off in their respective journeys in life, and their reunion. As the members meet again, the smile and the overflowing joy in the atmosphere, along with the flowers, paint color back to the world. And with the repainted world, EXILE struts their usual high-level, ultra-energetic dance and powerful but calming vocals. A very dramatic and warm video that will fill the viewer with a subtle sense of joy. The jacket too is decorated with the members’ gentle smiling faces.

EXILE – Flower Song

The coupling track will be “Real Valentine” by EXILE ATSUSHI. “Real Valentine” is described as a song that will show ATSUSHI’s true worth as a singer, so expect beautiful vocals. It is a song so emotional that it could make the listener shed a tear.

Both regular and limited editions will contain four tracks: “Flower Song”, “Real Valentine”, and the instrumentals of the two. The limited edition will contain a DVD of the video clip of “Flower Song”.

For those who have been outside the EXILE loop recently, they have also released their 2013 tour “EXILE PRIDE” on April 3. The vocalist also have their own solo works. ATSUSHI has just released his collaboration work  with blind pianist and composer Nobuyuki Tsujii “Soredemo, Ikite Yuku” four weeks ago, May 1 and TAKAHIRO will be releasing his solo single “Issen Ichibyou” on June 1. They also have plenty of lives lined up for 2014. Check this article out for the full live details.

EXILE – Flower Song (June 19 release)
Limited Edition – 1890 Yen
Regular Edition – 1050 Yen

1. Flower Song / EXILE
2. Real Valentine / EXILE ATSUSHI
3. Flower Song (instrumental) / EXILE
4. Real Valentine (instrumental) / EXILE ATSUSHI

1. Flower Song <video clip> / EXILE


source: Barks, Avex YouTube Channel, EXILE Official Website


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