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Moments ago the full list of prizes for Family Mart‘s Hatsune Miku Happy Kuji character goods lottery series for Summer 2013 has just been announced on the Miku no Jikan Nico livestream tonight. Results for the FamilyMart x Piapro Collaboration: Summer & Sports Illustration Collection has also been announced.

If you’re unfamiliar with Happy Kuji, basically it’s a lottery that’ll cost you 800 yen per try, and every single try you’re bound to get something cool – anything from illustrated coasters and stationery sets, to limited edition figures that can only be obtained through the lottery.

Here’s the full list:

H prize category

GraFig ABS featuring designs from ChanxCo (formerly of doujin group Zaneeds, which has since disbanded).

H prize 01


G prize category

Tote bag set + two pin badges. Four designs are available.

G prize 01

G prize 02


F prize category

Stationery set (binder + memopad + ball pen). Three designs are available, each from illustrators KEI, Putidevil, and Miyuki Harada respectively.

F prize 01


E prize category

Magic Spice Collaboration Original Soup Curry Bowl (curry bowl + curry spoon)

E prize 01


D prize category

Marukunaru Miku-san tissue cover

D prize 01

D prize 02


C prize category

Nendoroid Kagamine Len FamilyMart Ver. Yep, that’s a Miku-man (Hatsune Miku steamed bun) he’s holding.

C prize 01


B prize category

Nendoroid Kagamine Rin FamilyMart Ver.

B prize 01

A prize category

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Mizugi Ver. & FamilyMart 2013 Ver.

A prize 01


A prize 02

To be clear, this is a set that comes with one head part that has to be shared between two Nendoroid body parts. So for instance, if you normally display this Nendoroid with the Family Mart uniform body part, but the weather suddenly gets really hot and you’re worried for Nendoroid Miku’s health, you can swap out the Family Mart body part for a swimwear one.

The dolphin is translucent.


Last prize category

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Mizugi Ver. Family Mart Color. This Nendoroid only comes with one body part, and the swimwear here is different in colour from the A prize version.

Last One prize 01

Last One prize 02

For reference, take a look at last year’s Hatsune Miku Happy Kuji prizes at this link here.

The Hatsune Miku Happy Kuji Summer 2013 lottery series will begin at all Family Mart convenience stores in Japan sometime in summer 2013.


FamilyMart x Piapro Collaboration: Summer & Sports Illustration Collection 

sports illustration 01

The judges whittled down a total of over 200 submissions to come up with the following 10, which will all be featured as designs for a Summer & Sports Hatsune Mikku illustration sticker set that Family Mart will be carrying.

sports illustration 02 sports illustration 03



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