attack on titan unofficial poster

Attack on Titan is a hot topic among the anime community. It has inspired parody videos of its opening theme and tons of anime shops in Japan even have their own Attack on Titan display.

And now, concept artist Kouji Tajima has ridden the wave by sharing his own creation via the internet: an Attack on Titan movie poster. Check it out:

 attack on titan fan made poster

(According to Crunchyroll, the release date you see on the poster is Tajima’s birthday.)

While most people are aware that a movie is currently in the works, Tajima has made it clear that the poster is only fan-made. But the creativity placed into this creation would surely make anyone think that it’s an official one.

Tajima has expressed his interest in making the poster for the live-action movie adaptation of the popular shounen anime. He has worked as a concept artist for Captain Harlock, Dragon Age, Les Misérables and Total Recall.

In related news, Japanese netizens have been using perspective photography techniques to recreate various scenes from the anime. From titans grabbing and devouring humans to launching attacks on their napes, Attack on Titan has become the latest photo meme in Japan.

And remember the site called ShindanMaker we previously reported? Well, it now has an Attack on Titan version. This time, the joke web service tells you the result of your encounter with titans. I won’t be sharing the results unlike the last time because there are minor spoilers. It’s more fun to see them yourself.

via Crunchyroll and Kotaku


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