Saber and Caster from the Fate series now in gorgeous outfit!

Once in a while, it’s refreshing for our mind (and eyes) to see our favourite characters in a outfit that we won’t get to see them be in at their universe. Well, popular figure makers Alter and Phat! have scheduled to release Saber and Caster figures respectively in the last quarter of 2013.

First, is the all time favourite Saber, who is corrupted by Angra Mainyu and becomes Saber Alter in the Heaven’s Feel route of the visual novel. Figure make Alter has donned her in a cool black swimsuit, with matching black hair ribbon for her hair while she enjoys a popsicle (cooling off after a battle, maybe?).


Next, is Caster from “Fate/EXTRA CCC“. Not to be outdone by Saber Alter, she comes in a gorgeous goth-loli outfit (courtesy of the good fellows in Phat!) instead of her usual japanese-style costume. With a slight bondage appeal and a tiny top hat, that’s a cute waifu, isn’t her?


The Saber Alter figure is in 1/6 scale (13 cm) and price at 6,630 yen (about US$65.47), while the Caster gothloli figure is in 1/8 scale (20 cm) and price at 7,542 yen (about US$74.48).

Both Saber Alter and Caster’s figures are scheduled to be released on October and November respectively, and are available for pre-orders now.


Source: alter-web.jp, goodsmile.info, hobbysearch


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