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A few additional details on SCE Japan Studio’s Freedom Wars, a “recapture” multiplayer action game for the PS Vita that’s scheduled to come out in 2014, have emerged now that its official website has been updated.

Chief amongst those details? Freedom Wars is a co-op action game that will support up to eight players online simultaneously. That’s twice the co-op party size of Monster Hunter, God Eater, and other games of this genre. Ad-hoc play will of course be supported as well.

The PS Vita’s GPS and Near functionalities will also be utilised in some unspecified manner. That said, in one of the game’s screenshots, you clearly see a map of Japan divided into many sub-sections highlighted by different colours. Another screenshot shows what appears to be a Yahoo! Japan map.

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Is this somehow related to the game’s GPS functionality? How will this impact overseas players (assuming the game will be released in regions outside of Japan)?

The newly updated site also furnishes a little extra detail on the game’s story, helping to address a few of the questions watching Freedom Wars’s debut trailer might have raised.

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Set in a near future where the world is in ruins to the point that it can no longer sustain life in most of the overworld, mankind is forced to built cities known as Panopticons which can sustain their livelihood.

However, at some point, even the resources required to operate these Panopticons run dry. In order to further obtain resources and research to cultivate the harsh environment, all the separate Panopticons go into war against one another. During wartime, to better facilitiate each Panopticon’s management of its citizens (which are its resources), every single human being is sentenced to penal servitude – essentially turning Panopticons into prison cities.

Prisoners are sentenced to be “volunteers” fighting in the war between the Panopticons.

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In our previous report, we’ve said that the game is described as a “rescue” or “recapture” multiplayer action game. But what we didn’t quite understand was who or what you’re supposed to rescue/recapture, and from whom.

As it turns out, in the dystopian futuristic world of Freedom Wars, there are these giant monsters, known simply as Abducters, who abduct civilians and your allies, and it is your job – as a prisoner – to rescue them from captivity. Each successful rescue will decrease the length of servitude you’re sentenced to (that number hovering on top of your head).

Good luck trying to clear your sentence, however – your length of servitude is apparently 1,000,000 years long.

That’s about all the info there is for now – but we’ve barely scraped the surface of Freedom Wars‘s intrigue. This is one title we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on.

Source: Freedom Wars official site, press release


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