Gackt BIMA Satria Garuda

We might be seeing Gackt in a brand new tokusatsu series soon.

Recently, Gackt has expressed his interest in BIMA Satria Garuda (BIMA The Garuda Knight) via Twitter. He sent this reply to a tweet that the show’s executive producer, Reino Barack, has posted:

Gackt Tweet to Reino Barack

And as you can see, Gackt’s suggestion was not ignored. In fact, even Barack likes the artiste’s idea.

The singer-songwriter had prior experience contributing to a tokusatsu series. He performed Journey through the Decade, NEXT DECADE and Stay the Ride Alive for Kamen Rider Decade. He also starred as Joji Yuki in the theatrical film Kamen Rider Decade The Movie: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker.

BIMA Satria Garuda is a joint project of Indonesia’s MNC and Japan’s Ishimori Production. The story goes like this: VUDO, an evil force from a parallel world led by Rasputin, goes to Earth to steal its natural resources. A human by the name of Ray was chosen to protect the world from the evil entity’s invasion.

You can watch an English-subbed trailer here:

via JEFusion


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