Ascii Media Works has announced they will be releasing the “Girls und Panzer Modelling Do-Manual: Oarai Girls’ High School X Kuromorimine Girls’ High School”. The book is slated for release later this week, May 25, 2013 and would cost an about 1995 Yen.


The book lists several figures and plastic models from the popular TV animation. It also contains several figure and plastic model reviews from items released from November 2012 to March 2013.

The items featured in the book includes Kuromorimine Girls’ High School’s Tiger II with Itsumi Erika on board and the gigantic Maus tank. Also included are the panzers from Oarai Girl’s High school. Included are the Angler Fish team’s Panzer IV (D-type and F2 Type), the Hippo team’s StuG III(F type), The Turtle team’s 38 (t), the Duck team’s Type-89 B, among others.

 gp_26-29_IV-D-H_b-22  gp_66-76_tank-1

Also included in this book are Volks Charagumin Garage kit figures of all five members of  the Angler Fish team; Nishizumi Miho, Takebe Saori, Isuzu Hana, Akiyama Yukari, and Reizei Mako. The book also has interviews with the voice cast of the anime but it was not mentioned as to which cast members were interviewed.



And to top it all off, included are pictures of the Angler Fish team doing their “Angler Fish dance”. If one were to flip the pages, the pictures of the angler fish team will actually do that very cute dance routine of theirs!

OK folks, let's do the Angler Fish dance!

OK folks, let’s do the Angler Fish dance!

This new book would certainly be enjoyed by the anime fans and Plastic Model Builders and Figure Collectors alike!

From Dengeki News and Dengeki Hobby


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