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Despite the desperate cries from fans to cancel the live action adaptation of beloved light novel and anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai), the filming rolls on. For better or worse it seems filming has been going smoothly and they’ve already selected actors for the film.

Maybe the film shouldn’t be written off by fans quite yet though since it looks as if it will be graced with some talented actors.

According to a guy who was able to snap some photos of what seems to be filming for Haganai has determined that, Kitano Kie, Nagareboshi, will be taking the role of Mikadzuki Yozora and Koji Seto, Koizora and lead vocalist for J-rock band Tetra-Fang, will be taking the lead as main character Hasegawa Kodaka.

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For those unfamiliar with the original material, the original light novel and anime centers around Hasegawa Kodaka who finds it hard to make friends with his natural yellow and black hair and frightening face that makes him look like a delinquent effectively scaring away anyone who tries to interact with him.

One day he stumbles upon a fellow classmate talking to herself in an empty classroom. She claims that she was talking to her air friend but eventually admits that she also has no friends. Both aiming to become people who can actually make friends, they join together in order to form the Neighbors club for that purpose.


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