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In the latest episode of Kojima Productions’s official podcast, Hideo Kojima Radio, the creator behind the Metal Gear games delved briefly into the reasons why the recently announced Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection is a PS3 exclusive, and apologised to fans who had hoped to see it on the X360.

Beginning from around the 37:05 mark:

Ludvig Forsell (composer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain): So it’s [Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection] for the PlayStation 3, huh?

Hideo Kojima: Right, we’ll a little sorry about this, but there won’t be an Xbox 360 edition of the collection. After all, an X360 version of Metal Gear Solid 4 still hasn’t come out yet.

Yumi Kikuchi: I see, so there’s no way it can happen, huh?

Kojima: If I had to point my fingers on why it can’t happen, then it has to be the amazing amount of data storage space that Metal Gear Solid 4 requires. Fortunately, on the PS3 there’s Blu-ray. But on the X360 DVD is the format used. So if we were to port the game over to the X360 just the way it is…

Forsell: On the X360 it’d take about 7 discs, therearound.

Kikuchi: :-O

Kojima: Exactly. So as much as we want to put it out on the X360 as well, it’s not really a possibility… but maybe on the next-generation hardware we might be able to. Besides, there already is a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection that doesn’t come with MGS4. With regards to Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection itself, if we were to release it on the X360 without MGS4, it really wouldn’t be a “legacy”, would it? So this time it’s just on the PS3.

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And there you go. Hideo Kojima hasn’t forgotten about Metal Gear fans on the X360. You guys are just on the wrong side of the console war at the moment. But with the next Xbox console, code-named Durango, speculated to use Blu-ray as a media format for games, who knows what the next generation of console gaming will hold?

Other highlights in this latest episode of Hideo Kojima Radio include the esteemed director putting on a weird-as-hell mask (pictured above) and introducing himself as Joakim Mogren at the start of the podcast, before co-host Yumi Kikuchi blows his cover and reminds him that the audience listening at home can’t actually see the mask.

Kojima then rips off the mask and jokingly introduces himself as Hentai Kamen (HK… geddit?).

How can you not buy this guy’s games?

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