What happens when somebody who is really lazy meets a beautiful girl carrying a coffin? Light Novel series Hitsugime no Chaika (Coffin Princess Chaika) is announced to have an anime adaptation. The light novel’s author, Sakaki Ichirou said that he will make the announcement in the September issue of Dragon Magazine which will go on sale July 20. No further announcements have been made.


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Hitsugame no Chaika is about Acura Toru, a very lazy guy; just him being outside their house is a rarity in itself. One day, his sister Akari forces him to go outside and look for a job. When he is outside in the forest, he meets Chaika, a mysterious silver-haired girl carrying a coffin. Suddenly, both of them get attacked by a monster that looks like an ugly version of the unicorn. Now, he is suddenly pulled into her very dangerous world of feira, assassins and all sorts of trouble.


The three main characters
Top to bottom, Left to right;
Acura Akari, Chaika Trabant, and Acura Toru

Hitsugane Chaika is a light novel series by Sakaki Ichirou who is also the original author of Scrapped Princess. The artwork for the novel is done by Ookuma Nekosuke. The light novel series is published in Fantasia Bunko and is currently in Volume 6. The series has been running since October 2010. The series also has a manga adaptation which is also written by Sakaki Ichirou and drawn by Sakayama Shinta. The manga is serialized monthly in Shonen Ace.


Sources: Yaraon and Fujimishobo


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