eriko nakamura train station master for a day

No no, this is not a change in career tracks for voice actress Eriko Nakamura (Haruka Amami in The [email protected]). She’s still going to voice all your favourite “dojikkos” and what-not.

Nakamura was made JR Tokushima station’s station master for a day as part of the festivities for Tokushima-based anime event Machi Asobi (vol.10).

According to the news programme in the second video you see above, several hundred fans (okay, over 200, according to Gigazine) lined up at JR Tokushima station as early as 3AM in the morning for a chance to be grace be station master Eriko Nakamura’s presence, as well as to buy the following anime-themed train ticket vouchers (they come in sets of five tickets).

Three designs for the train ticket vouchers were available: Fate/Zero (front and back pictured below), Macross (front and back), and The [email protected] (front; no back shot as Gigazine didn’t manage to get ahold of one).

Source: daranisuK, Gigazine (2)


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