Update: There’s also a V-Jump magazine scan revealing Part 4’s Rohan Kishibe (CyberConnect2 CEO and president Hiroshi Matsuyama’s favourite character) for the game. This appears to be from a magazine different from the Kars reveal.

In Part 4, Rohan Kishibe is a manga artist who possesses the stand Heaven’s Door, which lets him write down commands that his opponent must obey. According to the V-Jump scan, although the stand does not possess a strong offensive ability, it lets Rohan restrict his opponent’s actions.

rohan kishibe

Original Story: Next week’s issue of Jump magazine will reveal JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2 boss character Kars (also commonly spelt as Cars or Kaaz) as a playable character, confirming our previous report that the next character would be an antagonist from Part 2.

jojo kars reveal

Kars is the main antagonist in Part 2 of the series, and is the leader of the Pillar Men – a race of ancient people who possess physical attributes far exceeding that of mankind, but are weak against sunlight.

Each of the Pillar Men also possess supernatural abilities based on an elemental alignment. In Kars’s case, his special attacks are based on his skill to manipulate light (Light Mode), which allows him to coat a giant razor blade that sprouts from his arm with tiny sharp teeth that spins like a chainsaw to produce a sharpness – and brightness – unlike any other cutting weapon.

Kars’s Ultimate Form will also be featured in the game in some form. One of the screenshots in the magazine shows Kars flying around in his Ultimate Form.

Outside of Kars’s reveal, the magazine also contained a few details on three of the game’s system mechanics: Situation Finish, Rush Mode, and Customize.

Situation Finish is an ending move that triggers a cutscene when you’ve accomplished certain conditions. Situation Finishes appear to be tied to stages – in the example given here, for instance, Kars summons a vampire horse carriage to finish his opponent off, inspired by a similar scene in Part 2’s Joseph Joestar vs. Waamu battle.

Rush mode is a “clashing” combat mechanic where both players will have to mash buttons – as fast as they can – in order to beat out his opponent in the clash. Whoever hits a button the most number of times, wins.

Meanwhile, a Customize mechanics will let gamers make changes to a character’s costume, victory pose, onomatopoeia visual effects (the Japanese kana characters that appear whenever characters strike a pose), and lines spoken so that every player’s version of, say, Joseph Joestar, will appear unique. (Are you taking notes, Capcom?)

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