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Phantom Blood, and also the star-shaped birthmark that every member of the Joestar bloodline has on the left side of his or her neck. Joseph Joestar has one. Jotaro Kujo has one. Even Dio Brando has one (after the events of Part 1, anyway).

And now, thanks to a collaboration between shoe company Converse and the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the sacred Joestar birthmark is making its way onto a pair of Converse All Star shoes.

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… …

Actually, the star mark itself has always been there on Converse’s All Star shoes. It’s just that this time around, the mark is being done in gradation print to “better resemble” the Joestar birthmark.

That’s pretty dumb, if you ask me. Which JoJo fan is going to look at that and go “cool, it’s the Joestar birthmark! That’s awesome, I love you Converse”?

The star mark aside, the remaining parts of the JoJo collaboration shoes are pretty swanky. Check out the insides – I’d recognise that diamond pattern anymore!

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And look at the sole!

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Even if you’re slightly outraged that Converse is “repurposing” its world-famous star-shaped logo to masquerade as the Joestar birthmark, it’s hard to stay mad at Converse long enough for you to not want this pair of shoes (at least that’s the case for me).

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Hi / Jo  (「ジョジョの奇妙な冒険×CONVERSE」スペシャルコラボレーションモデル ALL STAR HI /JO) shoes from Converse will be available in stores in Japan sometime in the first half of  December, 2013.

The shoes are available in sizes meant for both men (25.5cm to 29.0cm) and women (22.0cm to 24.5cm). Priced at 10,290 yen.

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Stores such as Tower Records, Village Vanguard, Jump Shop, Shueisha Shopping site Mekke, and Bic Camera (look under the “Toys” department) will begin accepting pre-orders for the shoes on May 20. Until June 20.

As a bonus, customers who pre-order from those stores will receive a Mask Light Collection: Stone Mask Limited Edition Gunmetallic Colour Ver. mascot keychain as a gift. The eyes on the keychain’s totem will light up when you press a little button on it.

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