The popular visual novel maker Key will be releasing their next visual novel on June 28.

Kud Wafter, an alternate point of view for the popular series Little Busters! recently bundled the test version of their For Everyone extension of Kud Wafter with the PSP port of the original game. The full version will offer significantly more content and release for PC. Unlike past Kud Wafter titles, this will be a version that all ages can play.

According to the opening movie (shown below), the game will tell the story of an eventful summer among friends, including your roommate, Noumi Kudryavka.

Some of the CG scenes were also released, including a beach scene with the busty Yuuki Himuro…


Several scenes with Noumi, including a cooking scene.


And of course, because it’s summer, a scene at the school pool.


Although none of the paths may lead to the endings usually found in eroge (18+ games), because it is for all ages, there are still choices to be made and girls to choose from. The game will be for Windows PC and retail at 6, 090 yen.

Source: Dengeki News



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