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Unlike the other Mondo Girls, Betty is able to completely disarm all of Killer is Dead‘s suave gigolo executioner’s advances. There’s a reason for that: She’s a 256-year-old vampire, this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine reveals, so she’s probably seen it all. How do you tempt a 256-year-old vamp? You just can’t.

Like we reported previously, Betty is a bonus, fourth Mondo Girl, who’s so exclusive that the only way you’d get to play with her in Killer is Dead is if you pre-order the game (which also gives you the Gigolo Glasses that works quite like X-ray vision for clothes). Gigolo Glasses is pre-order bonus #1, and Betty is pre-order bonus #2. There’s also a pre-order bonus #3.

Apart from Betty’s background, this week’s issue of Dengeki also mentions that gamers who pre-order won’t just be getting a character – you’re getting an entire episode revolving around our mysterious vamp, entitled “Nocturnal Beast”.

Details are scant at the moment, so we’re not sure if this extra episode is the afore-teased pre-order item no.3, or if the character Betty and her story episode comes together and are treated as one item. We’ll update this story later if we can find any clarification on that.

Elsewhere in Dengeki’s Killer is Dead feature, it’s also mentioned that the Japanese release date has been confirmed to be August 1 (in the US it’s slated for August 27).

There’s also a brief character profile for one of the targets you’ll have to terminate in the game: A yakuza by the name of Yama Hamada, who has a tattoo on his back that can transmute into an actual tiger.

Source: Dengeki PlayStation


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