With summer quickly approaching, now is the time for ladies to put on some light, refreshing dresses. Like the two heroines of OreImo.

Courtesy of Alphamax, you can now pre-order these 1/8 scale figures of Kirino Kousaka and Kuroneko from the anime Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, both of whom are beautifully dressed in delicate summer dresses.

Kirino comes in a pastel, sleeveless one piece and socks. The dress looks adorable with its frills and bows, and the high hemline gives you a good view of her slender legs.


With that innocent expression, Kirino may well be modeling for a photo shoot. She seems to be timidly averting her gaze from you, but if you want to look her in the eyes, all you have to do is look at her from a side angle, and you’ll also see the gentle curve formed by her waist.


Kuroneko won’t let Kirino hog the spotlight, though, as she has traded her typical cosplay ware for a gothic lolita one piece. Her black, strapless one piece is decorated with a bow and frills, not unlike Kirino’s dress. However, Kuroneko is aiming for a darker style with a rosary around her neck and long stockings accentuating the shape of her legs (this is a definite turn-on for fans of zettai ryouiki).


From the expression on Kuroneko’s face, she is certainly feeling tsuntsun, but if you prefer a cuter vibe, you can also switch her rose-adorned headband with a pair of adorable cat ears.


If you are moonstruck over these enchanting girls, you can pre-order Kirino and Kuroneko right now from AmiAmi, Alphamax, or your other retailer of choice for prices of 6,780 yen and up, and these ladies will be delivered to your home this December.

Source: Alphamax 1, 2


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