It would seem that the official Nisekoi anime came earlier than expected. Last week, we announced that Nisekoi may get an anime adaptation because its domain has been bought by Shueisha Inc, and now, in the color page of Weekly Jump! #27, it would seem that it is finally official.

Weekly Jump #27 will be on sale June 3. Weekly Jump #27 will also be issue where One Piece will be on hiatus because of author Oda Eiichiro’s hospitalization.

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Nisekoi is a manga series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump! and written and drawn by Komi Naoshi. It is about a boy born into a Yakuza family named Ichijo Raku who made a promise with a girl in his childhood that one day, they would meet in the future. Raku keeps s locket while the girl keeps a key so that in the future, they would know one another. However, that girl can be one of three possible girls; Kirasaki Chitoge, daughter of a rival gang, Onodera Kosaki, his long-time crush and Tachibana Marika, the daughter of the chief of police!


source: Yaraon


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