Genei Taiyou

This upcoming bishoujo fantasy will feature theme songs performed by the popular artist LiSA and the award-winning newcomer Natsumi Okamoto.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou (The Sun Penetrates the Illusion) is an original anime produced by AIC and Aniplex with a story by sole; viola and character designs by Gomoku Akatsuki. The story is set in a world that is controlled by two types of tarot cards: the Diaboros Tarots that devour the souls of innocent humans, and the Elemental Tarots that oppose them. Using the power of the Elemental Tarots, a group of chosen girls must hurl themselves into a battle that is invisible to the rest of the world.

The official website of the anime has announced that LiSA, the singer known for performing the opening themes of Fate/Zero and Sword Art Online, will sing the opening theme, träumerei (pronounced “troy-meh-rai”), and the single will be released on August 7.

The ending theme, -Mirage-, will be sung by Natsumi Okamoto, the winner of Animax’s sixth Anison Grand Prix. The ending single will be released on July 24 as Okamoto’s debut single.

Lisa Oka

In case you’ve missed the trailer that was revealed earlier, you can watch it below:

Mai Kadowaki (Illya from Fate/stay night) will voice Akari Taiyou, the owner of the Sun Tarot.


Eri Kitamura (Sayaka from Madoka Magica, Ami from Toradora!) will voice Seira Hoshikawa, the owner of the Star Tarot.


Sora Tokui (Nero from Milky Holmes, Nico from Love Live!) will voice Luna Tsukuyomi, the owner of the Moon Tarot.


Yuiko Tatsumi (Mio from Little Busters!) will voice Ginka Shirokane, the owner of the Temperance Tarot.


Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou will start airing on July. There will also be a manga serialized on Gangan Online’s website drawn by Kouki Katou and a novel written by Michiko Itou that will be serialized by Monthly Newtype. They will both be released in June, so anyone interested in this bishoujo fantasy can preview it before the anime comes.


Source: Yaraon


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