Machi Asobi vol. 10 was a huge success over the weekend, and as one of the festivities, visitors who rode the ropeway to Mt. Bizan were escorted by the heroines of OreImo.

Mt. Bizan is a landmark of Tokushima City, where Machi Asobi vol. 10 was held. It would have been a pity if a lot of people came to the event and didn’t see the mountain, so as a treat, every year during Machi Asobi, a pair of anime characters work as guides for Mt. Bizan’s ropeway (aka aerial lift or cable car). This year, the guides were Kirino and Kuroneko from OreImo (voiced by Ayana Taketatsu and Kana Hanazawa).

If you didn’t get to ride the ropeway during Machi Asobi, you can still experience the trip with these videos.

Ropeway Guide Kirino Kousaka

Ropeway Guide Kuroneko

In addition to being escorted by these girls, visitors who rode the ropeway also received a ticket holder featuring illustrations by the original character designer of OreImo, Hiro Kanzaki.


If you want to hear more of Kirino and Kuroneko, you can watch the second season of OreImo airing this season. If you want to see more of Mt. Bizan, go to the travel agency of your choice.

Source: Machi Asobi homepage, Moe Otanews


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