The rising voice actress behind Sherlock Shellinford and Umi Sonoda is developing her solo career with a brand new single and her first photo collection.

Anime fans should be familiar with Suzuko Mimori for her role in the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series, where she stars as the cute detective Sheryl and performs the opening themes with the rest of the main cast. She’s also known as Umi Sonoda, a member of the idol unit μ’s from Love Live! She sang plenty of songs for both of those anime, but last month, she launched her solo career with her debut single Aitai yo… Aitai yo!, which peaked at number 10 on Oricon’s charts.

Next, Mimori is releasing her second single on July 3. Titled Yakushoku Shiteyo? Issho Dayo! (It’s a Promise, Right? We’ll be Together!), the song is a lively pop tune mixed with the feeling of longing to be with that special someone, fit for the bittersweet summer time.

You can listen for yourself with this short preview:

The single will be available in a limited edition that includes a DVD with a music video and making-of video, as well as a light novel written by Masaki Hiramatsu, the scriptwriter of the Kara no Kyoukai films, depicting a love story designed to supplement the lyrics of the song.

In addition, Mimori also recently announced her first photo collection and image Blu-ray/DVD. These will include pictures from her photo shoots in Vietnam, ranging in locations from Hanoi to the scenic Ha Long Bay. Of course, Mimori herself will appear in a variety of expressions, such as this slightly sexy pose at a poolside.


The photobook will be released on July 17, and the image disks, on August 7. Mimorin fans, are you excited to witness her rise to fame?

Source: Mimorin’s official website, Famitsu


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