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Do you wish there were more anime with romantic relationships between males? If so, now is the time to celebrate.

The latest issue of Asuka Ciel has announced that an anime adaptation of the manga Love Stage!! is in production. The manga is written by Eiki Eiki and drawn by Taishi Zaou, aka Mikiyo Tsuda.

The story is centered around a college freshman named Izumi Sena whose father is a singer, his mother a movie star, and his brother the lead vocalist of a rock band. Izumi, the only boring person in his family, is an otaku working to become a manga artist. One day, his brother bribes him to star in a wedding commercial with the heartthrob actor Ryouma Ichijou, whom he met ten years earlier. What Izumi doesn’t know is that there’s a kiss at the end of the commercial! — And Ryouma spent the last ten years thinking Izumi was a girl!

As you can guess, Izumi is the uke, and Ryouma is the seme.

Love Stage c

Love Stage!! has been serialized in Asuka Ciel since July 2010 and also spawned a novel series titled Back Stage!!. Eiki and Zaou regularly work together to make boys love manga, and some of their previous work have been published overseas, including Dear Myself and Color.

No further details on the anime have been announced yet, but fans of handsome boys should add this series to their to-watch list.

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