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Crypton Future Media and Tokyo Metropolitan Television have announced Magical Mirai, a special concert-and-exhibition event that will be held August 30 at the Yokohama Arena that will attempt to let visitors experience everything that’s great about the Hatsune Miku boom, all encapsulated at a single venue – in just one day.

The name of the event, Magical Mirai, is not just a play on words involving the Kanji spelling of Miku’s name (which can also be read in Japanese as “mirai”), but also a portmanteau of three separate words: Maji (“serious”), Karu (short for “culture”), and Mirai (“future”).

Each separate part of the full name Magical Mirai has its own area at the Yokohama Arena, where you’ll be able to experience different aspects of The Hatsune Miku Lifestyle.

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The Maji area is where the Hatsune Miku concert will be held. Whereas the Karu area is an exhibition and workshop area that’s themed around helping visitors understanding the creative process behind Hatsune Miku derivative works.

And finally, the Mirai area showcases collaborations between companies dealing with Hatsune Miku commercial goods. No details were provided as to which ones would be showcased, but chances are, you’ll get to see some merchandise that’s coming out in the near future, hence the name of this section. The Mirai area will also double as a shop where you’ll be able to purchase Miku merchandise that’s available now.

Specifics on what you’ll be able to do at the venue have not yet been announced, but here’s a general guideline as to what you can expect:

magical mirai explanation


What’s Magical Mirai?

Serious concerts (Maji), a look at the Hatsune Miku culture from past to present (Karu), and its future (Mirai).

A Hatsune Miku concert of the biggest scale for all of her fans: the Birthday Eve Night Concert (誕生日前夜祭コンサート).
Another concert, a more casual one that would let you invite all of your friends and family to attend and join the fun: The U-18 Priority Concert.
Everyone’s a creator. Experience the joy of creating: Workshops.
Trace the trails of the Hatsune Miku boom: Special Exhibition(s).
Exciting plans and collaboration goods lined all the way up to your eyeballs: Commercial Booth.
Etc, etc. There’s a lot more to be announced, so stay tuned!”

In the meantime, if you’re a hardcore Miku fan and can read Japanese, you might want to pick up the June edition of art magazine Bijutsu Techo (on sale May 17), which has a feature on the future of the Hatsune Miku boom. The June edition also comes with a Hatsune Miku GraFig.


Source: Magical Mirai via ITmedia


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