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Update: We’ve sat through the entirety of the latest episode of Kojima Productions’s official podcast and, yes, studio director Hideo Kojima says he’s looking into the possibility of releasing a PC version of the game.

The topic came up in a discussion between Hideo Kojima, Rising’s supervising producer Yuji Korekado, and actress and radio personality Yumi Kikuchi on the reasons why the X360 version of Rising did not get a domestic release in Japan. When Kikuchi asks if the X360 version would ever see a domestic release in Japan, Kojima reveals that he has a better idea.

“Well, in the first place, most of the games developed these days are done completely on the PC, for those games being worked on by a multi-platform team. Because it’s easy to then port it over from PC to X360, and it’s also easy to port it over from PC to the PS3,” Kojima said.

“In other words, we might even already have a PC version [of the game stored somewhere internally].”

“There should be!” Yumi Kikuchi chimed in at this point.

“So we’re thinking of releasing a PC version,” Kojima went on.

Kikuchi applauds, and producer Yuji Korekado adds that he’s often heard feedback from gamers overseas that they’d like a PC version.

That said, this is by no means confirmation that a PC version of Rising is indeed coming.

As amazing and well-regarded Kojima is, sometimes things are truly out of his hands. For instance, in the same episode of the podcast, just before Kojima announces that he’s looking into releasing a PC version, he said that he tried his best to bring out a domestic release for the X360 version of the game in Japan.

Apparently, after Zone of the Enders: HD Collection was released, Kojima was alerted to the abysmal sales figures for the X360 version in Japan, and there was discussion internally to can the X360 release of Rising over there simply because  the company might make a loss doing so. Overall it was just not a very good idea for the brand as well.

Despite those concerns, however, Platinum Games very much wanted to release an X360 version in Japan, and so Kojima went to talk to various people within the company and on the financial side – yet in the end Japan still had to go without a domestic X360 release.

Fortunately for Metal Gear fans in Japan, Kojima Productions was able to do the next best thing: they included Japanese subtitles in the English release of Rising (voices/dubs was impossible due to space restrictions) , and made it region-free, so that Metal Gear fans could buy an import copy and play it on their domestic X360s over there.

In a similar fashion, the PC version might not materialise. But if you’re a Metal Gear Rising fan, and you’d like to see it happen, make sure to let Kojima and Konami know via Twitter.

Original story: We’ve yet to confirm it ourselves, but according to GameSpark, the latest episode of the Kojima Productions official mentions that a PC version of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is currently in the works.

Tweets made by Platinum Games’s Creative Director Jean Pierre Kellams also appear to confirm the news of a PC version.

JP Kellams (PG_jp) on Twitter

We’ll listen to the Kojima Productions podcast ourselves and verify if this is indeed true after Nintendo’s Sega Nintendo Direct Web broadcast is over.

Source: Hideoblog


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