nendoroid snow miku 2014

The fans have voted. This is what the new Snow Miku for winter 2014 will look like.

The design is based on a classic Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl) look with an emphasis on her cape and witch hat.

Apart from the winning design, there were eight other Snow Miku 2014 candidate finalists. Here’s a composite of the nine entries from our previous story (if you’d like to see a particular design in more detail, go to that post):

snow miku finalists

The poll to pick out the final design was split into two stages. First, stream viewers were asked to pick their favourite design from out of the nine entries, keeping in mind that only the top three designs that garnered the most votes would make it into the next round. From the three shortlisted entries, viewers were asked to vote again on which of the three is their favourite – so if your top choice didn’t make it into the top three, at least you’d still be able to back your second or third choices and help that design take the prize over the hot favourite, just in case there’s a close fight.

In the end, however, even during the first part of the voting process, one design entry led by so much that it wasn’t even a close call to begin with:

nendoroid snow miku 2014 01

nendoroid snow miku 2014 02

nendoroid snow miku 2014 03

Picking Snow Miku’s pet was a far simpler process – as the pet is not really the star here, rather than make the poll two-staged, Good Smile Company and their partners decided to simply decide on whichever of the nine entries had the most votes:

snow miku pets

nendoroid snow miku 2014 04


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