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I think this is the most bubbly I’ve ever seen Blanc from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series be.

In case you haven’t heard, Hyperdimension Neptunia PP takes the series’s JRPG roots – the games’ plot is a non-too-serious parody of real-life events in the game industry – and puts a spin on it by changing the genre completely; this game is an idol-producing simulator. The plot in Neptunia PP is itself a parody of the idol boom in real life (*cough**cough*1/AKB149*cough*).

Publisher Compile Heart has shared new promo trailers for the game, featuring the characters Blanc and Noire respectively, in addition to the one they had for Neptune a while back.

Blanc ver. promotion movie

In the games Blanc’s known to be a bit of a grouch – so much to the extent that her friends in the Hyperdimensional Neptunia games have never as much as seen her smile.

But take a good look at what an idol boom could do to even someone like Blanc.

“The only thing I’m really concerned with is the well-being of my younger sisters.

“Just taking care of the well-being of my younger sisters is enough for me to worry about already,” Blanc says with a straight face at the start of the trailer.

“Besides, there are a lot of people who think that as long as you just ignore the whole idol boom thing, at some point the [idol] fever will start to subside – and that’s why I underestimated it (the idol boom).

“That said, don’t ever underestimate the powers of a Goddess, okay? If the idol boom fever won’t subside, then I shall awaken my latent performing abilities – as an idol.”

Yeah, you go, girl.

Noire ver. promotion movie

“It’s here…! Finally, we’re at the threshold of a new era where it’s finally my time to shine!” Noire says in the trailer you see above.

“My shares have plunged and that does concern me a little… but if you look at it on the flipside, it’s actually an opportunity for me!

“*Giggles* As an idol, I’d get to wear really cute costumes, be surrounded by my fans, and get worshipped… *More giggling*

“All right! All eyes on me! I’ll show you just who’s most capable when it comes to being an idol!”

Hyperdimension Neptunia PP (神次元アイドル ネプテューヌPP) comes out in Japan June 20, 2013.


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