Popular Romance manga Nisekoi may finally be getting an anime adaptation. This news comes as the domain for the manga has been acquired by Shueisha Inc. which owns and publishes Weekly Shonen Jump! An announcement which will hopefully be about the series being animated will come in two weeks via Weekly Jump! where Nisekoi is serialized.

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Nisekoi follows the story of Ichijo Raku, a normal and sweet boy who is incidentally born into a violent and notorious Yakuza family, the Shuei-Gumi gang. In his childhood, he has promised a certain girl that they will meet again in the future and they will get married. He keeps that promise in his heart and keeps a locket and remembers that the girl kept the key so that they will identify each other when they meet.


One day, Raku bumps into transfer student Kirasaki Chitoge. They start hating each other afterwards. It turns out that Chitoge is his new classmate. To make matters worse, Chitoge is the daughter of a rival group’s leader. To keep the peace between the rival yakuza factions, Raku and Chitoge are forced by their fathers to “fake” dating.


It turns out that Chitoge has a key that may open Raku’s locket, however, things get complicated as Onodera Kosaki, Raku’s classmate and long-time crush also has a key… And then, the Police Chief’s daughter, Tachibana Marika appears also claiming to be the one Raku promised to marry… and she also has a key!


Nisekoi is a manga series written and drawn by Komi Naoshi and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump! It started its run November 2011.

source: Yaraon


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