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We previously reported that T.M.Revolution and Mizuki Nana have collaborated to give us, Preserved Roses– the opening theme song for anime Valvrave the Liberator. This song has indeed wowed us with its fast tempo and powerful vocals, so what are the chances of the both of them working together again? Find out more in this short interview conducted by!


Note: T.M.Revolution will be abbreviated as T.M.R and Mizuki Nana will be abbreviated as Mizuki below.

— Share some details about the collaboration

T.M.R: When the opening theme for Valvrave the Liberator was decided, we felt like trying something we did before and also all the things we have never tried before. We then planned to start from there and created this song.

Mizuki: I felt really happy yet slightly intimidated when I found out that I am about to work with T.M.R. Although we have done live performances and shows together, this would mark my first time that we are working at such level of close collaboration. It was indeed a nerve wrecking experience.

T.M.R: Ah, really? I did not feel that way at all. *laughs* My stance is that I always usher people into my own perspective of music and Mizuki makes that easy as she is always so earnest in facing with the things that are new and shocking to her. The song itself was made with a piercing strong image in mind, but in the song, there seems to be a feeling of friendly rivalry between the both of us.


— It must be really exhilarating to sing an intense duet almost like the both of you are fighting. *laughs*

T.M.R: I did not budge at all. Attacking is the only option, defense is useless. *laughs*

Mizuki: As T.M.R did the recording first, I could feel my soul burning up as I heard his strong voice. *laughs* At the beginning, I thought that I was rather pressurized by my own lines and I felt that I hit a wall on some occasions, but I managed to take control of myself and started singing. Of course, T.M.R was not stingy in giving me encouraging advice. He told me, “Just sing with all your might!” And so, a ‘battle’ between the both of us was formed.

T.M.R: As Mizuki herself is also a seiyuu, she seems to have really quick reaction time. She is a natural when it comes to her judgment of controlling the amount of emotion, accent and the orchestration of the song. And so, I felt assured that I can let myself go and give it my all.

Mizuki: It is really a big thing for me to manage to hear your recording.

T.M.R: It is indeed a valuable chance to see the recording process. It is not easy to achieve Mizuki’s direction. *laughs*


— Will the both of you sing together again?

Mizuki: We had a TV recording recently, but I felt more nervous than when I was performing alone.

T.M.R: I was panicking too.

Mizuki: I couldn’t tell at all!

T.M.R: I panicked too much that I forgot the melody to my own song. *laughs* For some reason, when it is normal to maintain eye contact and reach our hand out to each other when performing a duet, we seemed to have moved on on performing with the notion that there is no one else on stage other than ourselves. So, it was an amazing situation when the both of us are thinking of the exact same thing and go all, “Eh, so were you thinking of what I was thinking?” *laughs*


— That feels like the moment when a lion and a tiger meet each other.

T.M.R: Indeed. It almost feels like the both of us were from different territories.

Mizuki: As we couldn’t read each other’s intentions well enough, when I reached out my hand, T.M.R took a glance at my outstretched hand and did not take it… So I felt apologetic that I was too forward in my actions…

T.M.R: When we were singing the high point of the song, I turned to look at her, but she didn’t look back! *laughs* The rehearsal ended on an odd note, but we managed to look at each other when it comes to the actual recording. I thought that it was really funny, and yet relieved that we managed to pull through.

MIzuki: And in the end, we unexpectedly shook hands with each other. *laughs*


— Now that you have tried collaborating with each other, did your impression of each other change?

Mizuki: Basically, my impression of T.M.R did not change much. He is always the one with an overwhelming sense of presence when performing and is able to switch when he talks to the audience in between performances. But, when it comes to his pet dog, he seems to be madly in love in it. It is my first time seeing such an unguarded side of him. *laughs*

T.M.R: As Mizuki also likes dogs, I brought it along during recording. *laughs* Just like Mizuki’s impression of myself, mine did not change either. But I was quite surprised that she listens to songs from the 60s. As expected, she really listens to a wide range of music genres.

Mizuki: What! I listen to them because they are good. *laughs*


— So are there any plans for a next collaboration?

Mizuki: Since I joined his team this time, I shall invite him to join my team next time.

T.M.R: This almost feels like I am going to ‘marry’ into Mizuki’s team, I think. Before we know it, I think I might need to ‘pay a visit’ soon. I think I would regret doing so as the staff and supporting members working in Mizuki’s team feel like many over protective ‘fathers’ guarding over their ‘daughter’. *laughs*



It seems that a next collaboration is possible between the both of them. So if you are not a fan yet, what are you waiting for? Check out our previous reports here and here. Also, remember to follow them on twitter and check out their official homepage!




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