Perfume has added yet another milestone in their expanding career. With the DVD of “Perfume WORLD TOUR 1ST”, they have taken their sixth rank 1 in the DVD charts. The DVD sold approximately 45,000 units in its first day, May 22, and will appear on June 3’s weekly ranking chart as the top-selling DVD.


“Perfume WORLD TOUR 1ST” is the live footage plus documentary of their Asia tour which consists of the countries Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore, with the live footage being taken from the live in Singapore’s SCAPE WAREHOUSE. It can be considered a historical or a more special live DVD like the one for Tokyo Dome as it marks and preserves a big achievement in their career.

The other artist to achieve this brilliant feat was Hikaru Utada, with her DVD “traveling”. “traveling” was released in January of the year 2002, making it eleven years and almost five months since the aforementioned feat was achieved. Top-selling idol group AKB48 and Morning Musume in all its 16 years in the industry has only achieved a total of three consecutive chart-topping DVDs in their career, very far from Hikki and Perfume.

Their albums are doing great as well as all three topped the charts and received platinum awards for “Triangle” and “JPN”, and a double platinum for “GAME”. Speaking of “GAME”, the first DVD to rank 1st for Perfume is “Perfume First Tour ‘GAME'”. Somehow, it seems more significant when you consider the fact that Perfume started this streak with their first nationwide tour and marked their historical sixth chart-topper with their first international tour.

2013 has been really great so far for Perfume; they will also be holding their first Perfume FES and their second world tour and will be appearing in ULTRA KOREA this year.


source: Oricon


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