Who are the top female idol groups in the Japanese music industry right now?

According to Nikkei Entertainment magazine, who has just published the 2013 results to their annual “Talent Power Rankings” survey in its June issue (on newsstands May 2), these 14 acts are the most popular at the moment:

  1. Perfume
  2. Momoiro Clover Z
  3. AKB48
  4. Morning Musume
  5. SKE48
  6. Nogizaka 46
  7. NMB48
  8. HKT48
  9. Fairies
  10. Berryz Kobo
  11. Smileage
  12. Flower
  13. Happiness
  14. Sphere

The female idol group rankings is only one of several published in the June issue of Nikkei Entertainment magazine. Other ranking lists include specialised ones for the top actors, musicians, comedians, sportsman, among other categories, as well as an overall “Talent Power (Overall) Top 100” ranking.

Before we move on to the results in some of those other specialised rankings, as well as the overall top 10, it’s important to note the research methodology Nikkei Entertainment employed in its survey findings – something they’ve been doing annually since 2008.

The survey was conducted independently by marketing research firm, Architect Co., Ltd., who assigned a “talent power score” to each of 1251 artistes based on two criteria: familiarity (the number of survey respondents who were able to identify an artiste’s name and face), and interest level (the number of survey respondents indicating that they’d like to see, hear, and know more about the artiste). The survey was conducted earlier this year in February.

Once the talent power scores were decided, only then are the various ranking lists formed, based on which artistes would fall under which category. In other words, just as important as the actual rankings are the “talent power scores” listed to the right of each artiste’s name.

With that said, let’s talk a look at some of the other rankings:

Talent Power (Overall) Top 10
Haruka Ayase is at the top, most likely due to her role in the latest NHK Taiga drama. Arashi is no.2.

talent power ranking top 10

Talent Power Score (Biggest Increase) Top 10
Momoiro Clover Z is third on this list, having jumped from 8.2 in 2012 to 23.7. Kyary Pamyu Paamyu is no.4, jumping from 18.3 in 2012 to 32.8 this year in February. Looks like appearing on NHK’s Red-White Song Contest programme really helped to boost their stock.

Talent Power Score Rising Top 10

Talent Power Score (Biggest Increase) Top 10
Individually, the AKB48 girls lead the pack here. But members of AKB’s sister groups, as well as those from Momoiro Clover Z, are doing quite well themselves.

Female Idol Individual Ranking

Source: 2ch, Nikkei 


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