Coro-Coro has leaked with more details of the upcoming Pokemon X and Y games, along with 4 new Pokemon.

Along with the previously released details about Fenekin, Froakie and Chespin, four more new Pokemon can be seen in the newest scans from Coro-Coro. The one that features the biggest breakthrough in terms of game mechanics is Gougoat, the Riding Pokemon. As its classification suggests, players will have the ability to ride this Pokemon outside of battle. More details will emerge about this specific mechanic when the full magazine releases. It will be a Grass type weighing in at 91 kilograms.


Yancham, the panda looking Pokemon, is listed as the Mischievous Pokemon, a play off the Japanese word yancha, which also appears in its name. It is a Fighting type weighing 8kg and standing at .6 meters height.


A new type, Yayakoma, the Japanese Robin Pokemon, appears to be the Pidgey of this generation with its typing of Normal and Flying. In a screenshot towards the middle of the page it also appears to be using sand-attack in battle.


The final Pokemon to be announced is Electail, and it will be a dual Electric-Normal type, hinting it might appear early in the game. It weighs 6kg and is known as the Generator Pokemon According to a small caption it will, like previous electric types, store electric power within itself somehow, hinting at its generator status. Although slightly lizard like in appearance, it is noted in a caption that it has a dog’s ears.


Source: Serebii


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