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In Japan, going to the cinema to watch an anime movie is not just a theatrical experience – it’s also a chance to own exclusive memorabilia that you won’t get elsewhere.

Take the [email protected] the Movie Production Confirmed Commemorative Ticket set (アイドルマスター 劇場版制作決定記念チケット) for instance. Does this even look like movie tickets to you?

idolmaster the movie ticket voucher

The commemorative ticket set comes out two illustration prints featuring all 13 of the main characters, as well as a drama CD containing a short mini-drama skit entitled “765Pro: The ‘How to Apply for Employment Here’ Tutorial CD” (765プロ入社説明CD). The skit stars 765Pro President (CV: Houchu Otsuka), Producer (CV: Kenji Akabane), and Kotori Otonashi (CV: Juri Takita).

And the movie admission tickets (a pair of two) is somewhere in there. I think.

I’m not exactly sure how ticketing in Japanese cinema works – can you just bring the set to any theatre in Japan that’s screening the movie, and be admitted just like that? Which part of the ticket set does the ticket master tear off for proof of admission?

Regardless, the set will come with a pair of tickets to see the movie, along with the drama CD and everything you see in the picture above. Price for the whole thing? 5,000 yen.

Not too shabby considering that the average price of a movie ticket – a single ticket – is close to 2,000 yen if you’re a full-fledged adult.

Although the commemorative ticket set was first made available in limited quantities at the Anime Contents Expo convention back in March, online store Aniplex+ are re-issuing a second “build to manufacture” batch for those of you who’d like to own a set but couldn’t make it down to ACE2013.

Pre-orders for the set at Aniplex+ will only be accepted between now and May 31, and shipped out on the set’s release date, July 31.

Source: Dengeki, Aniplex+


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