It has been revealed that popular shounen manga 「Daiya No A」(Ace of Diamond) will be having an anime adaptation this fall. The production will be a collaboration project between the two powerhouse studios MADHOUSE and Production IG.

You probably already know about MADHOUSE and Production IG. MADHOUSE is the studio behind works such as Chihayafuru, One Outs, currently airing series Hunter x Hunter and Photo Kano, and Death Note, among many other popular anime. On the other hand, Production IG also has some great works under its belt such as Kimi Ni Todoke, Kuroko No Basuke, Prince of Tennis, and the currently airing much talked about series, Shingeki no Kyojin.



Ace of Diamond is a manga about a pitcher from a small school who gets scouted by an elite school and gets paired with a genius catcher. The protagonist, pitcher Eijun Sawamura, transfers to the elite school to follow that catcher after being scouted. He then is determined to improve his skills and become the ace as they head to the Koushien.

The manga is written by artist Yuuji Terajima, serialized last 2006 on Weekly Shounen Magazine (same magazine as Fairy Tail, Code:Breaker) and is currently ongoing with more than a hundred chapters behind it. It is a popular and well received work, having won the Kodansha Manga Award last 2010, putting it on the same pedestal with the likes of Major, Cross Game, Detective Conan, Slam Dunk, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

It seems that many Japanese fans have been waiting for this anime and is now more hyped than ever as they learned that it will be a collaboration project by MADHOUSE and Production IG. Even those who have not read the manga have become excited when they learned of the studios’ collaboration. Many will be looking forward to this work with all that it has going for it.

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