A new art book gives insight to Project Diva F and f game, and the next installment to the arcade series are heading out this weekend.

Released fairly close to each other Project Diva f for the PS Vita and Project Diva F for the PS3 are a continuation of the popular Project Diva rhythm game series featuring Crypton’s Vocaloid line-up. To commemorate this pair of games, a special art book called “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA f & F Memorial Fanbook”, containing profiles of certain songs and a promotional video art section is being released May 26.


Senbon Zakura is used as the sample page, and shows that the song’s history as well as costume choice will be some of the things discussed in the book. Specifically, the page spread features a section on the producer behind the song.


The book will also feature not just the standard images found in the game, but those available from downloadable content as well.


The release of book coincides with the release of the next arcade installment that ties into the games titled Project Diva Future Tone. The new update to the cabinet game will test in Akihabara this weekend. New features to the game include an update to the module graphics and PV’s throughout the game, and the addition of songs from the f and F games.


An update to the control system itself, which has been running the same system for several years, will also be included, with a touch screen swipe bar above the main four buttons. Left and right arrows on the screen will indicate which way to swipe on the touch bar.

projectdivaupdate2 projectdiva2

Of course, the module and costume select screen will also feature an update. Accessories will be included now as well, such as cat ears to add onto already existing costumes.


Both the artbook and the game update will be making their way to customers this weekend.

Source: Diva Station


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