Last April 20, 21, pop culture festival 「KAWAii MATSURi!!!」was held. The venue was in Sendagaya, Tokyo Gymnasium.

For the first day of this festival, the theme was 「MATSURi DA TOKYO!!」, or “IT’S A FESTIVAL, TOKYO!”. The stage and performances for this day revolved around idols and anisong, and so, that is how it unfolded. On the outdoor stage, ENNICHi, a mini live was conducted by up and coming idols such as AOP, Love La Doll, PPP!PiXiON, and Yun*chi and Kurika Maki, along with mascots of well-known figures in Tokyo.

After the mini-live and the greeting done in ENNICHi stage, the event moves on to the inner main stage, KAWAii. The live is opened by 7!!, Shiina Hikari, Haruna Luna, and trumpet player ‘FRESH-na-menmen'(フレッシュな面々). Next to shine on stage is the livetune x rhizomatiks x Hatsune Miku for their special collaboration. Next are consecutive performances from various idols such as BiS, dempa-gumi inc., LinQ, and Negicco. Their fans go wild as they sing and dance, and do fan service.

For the break in performances, popular cosplayers from Japanese cosplay website Cure strut their cosplay on the runway, much to the cheering of the crowd.

The live then proceed to the most awaited performances – anisongs. The segment starts with powerful songs with the powerful voice of  Aoi Eir (Sword Art Online, Gundam AGE, Fate/Zero). “KAKATTE KOI! (bring it!)” shouts Nakagawa Shoko, the next performer, and sings enthusiastically sings her hits. Next, the stage heats up more as one of the pillars of anisong, May’n, appears on stage.

The day’s final act, one with the key part of closing the stage, is none other than anisong legend T.M.Revolution. As he appears on stage, the crowd stands in unison and with him, raise their fists in the air. As if all their minds are connected, the crowd heats up and swells with excitement. In the end the audience is an ocean of light sticks. They raise their sticks as all the performers, with much passion and joy, shouts 「MATSURi DA TOKYO!!」.

Check here for the complete gallery of all the stages for the first day. Refer to this article for the artist line-up for both days.

source: KAWAii MATSURi Official Site


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