Voice actress Kuwatani Natsuko is in poor physical condition. She announced in her blog last May 29 that she will have to concentrate on her own treatment. She also announced that her official blog’s updates will also be suspended for the time being. In her blog, she said that she has contracted a virus in her vocal cords. This will definitely affect her voice acting work.


She said that she is healing slowly and that she has been through a lot of trouble from every direction. She says that she herself is impatient with her recovery but she is concentrating on curing herself for the time being.

She then thanks her fans and blog readers and that she will do her best to return to physical condition.She is known for voicing Ayase Yue from Negima?! and Asakura Ryoko from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Her most famour role however is Rozen Maiden’s Suiseiseki and her voice has been featured in a lot of youtube videos with Suiseiseki saying desu… a lot.

Kuwatani Natsuko is scheduled to appear in the reboot of “Rozen Maiden” as Suiseiseki this July. She has certainly said a lot of “DESU” in the past and hopefully she can recover before she starts working on Rozen Maiden once again ~desu.

Here’s her 527 desultimate combo from the original 2004 series and Rozen Maiden Traumend… desu.

source: Cinema Today Japan


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