Continuing on from the previous article on the Amuse BBQ, in a short interview done by natalie, Porno Graffitti, Perfume, and flumpool share their thoughts and enthusiasm on the event.


Porno Graffitti ——————————————

Q. What was your motivation for starting 「BBQ in Tsumagoi ~ Bokura no Beat wo Kurae KORA! ~」?

Shindou Haruichi (G): Every summer, we meet up with friends in AMUSE, do barbecue, drink, talk about stuff, and just celebrate. During one of those days, around 5 years ago, we started talking about making this kind of celebration into an event. So we match this event with Amuse’s 35th anniversary and decide to hold it in Tsumagoi, since that place is great for this kind of musical movement. It’s interesting because this special event was not born from a conference room, but from a barbecue party.

Q. What would be the highlight of this event?

SH: All the appearing artistes watch each others’ lives, connect with each other well, and know the capabilities of each other as an artist. Of the numerous groups some of them might be thinking to knock one out of the park [in terms of their performance]. so  I think that would be the highlight. (laughs)

Q. What would be the unique point of interest for this event?

Okano Akihito (Vo): Each artist appearing in 「BBQ」 have their own special traits. As for us, we’re not really familiar with this “fes” concept, and we don’t really have many chances to appear in the same stage with artistes like Perfume and ONE OK ROCK. Maybe a point would be how nervous we’ll be in appearing with them? (laughs) To those who will come, please leave the front space open, and just have fun. Also, surely most of those that will come will get to watch an artist new to them.




Q. What are you most excited about in the event?

Kashiyuka: This is our first time in holding an event with people from our agency, so even we are looking forward to what the content will be. We’re looking forward to seeing each artist’s stage too, and since there’s 「BBQ」 in the title, I’m thinking maybe we really could do a barbecue? I would like to!

A-Chan: I can easily talk to anyone in this group, and there’s that strong feeling of fellowship among us. This live would be like sharing how we celebrate in our private time and just enjoying our work. I think it would be great if we could make the audience feel this bond we have among us.

Nocchi: I think that all of lives in this event would definitely be fun! Also, everyone’s MC talk is really funny. The performances are going to be amazing too, of course, but the talks will also be interesting so I think you could look forward to the lives of the artistes you aren’t even a fan of.

Q. Please give a message to the fans who are going to attend the event.

K: I would also like the fans to interact with each other – I want them to do stuff like talk about the artistes they like in common. I would be happy if they could all enjoy together. They could ask each other “what songs would you recommend?” or “how do you get into this performance?”, and by that become one with everyone.

A: Though it’s summer fes season, this is a new kind of event. We want this event to be an energetic one, and since it’s a live with colleagues, I think everyone is just so excited for this. There’s also that feeling of “celebrate for Amuse!” and returning the favor to the agency. It’s will live bursting with laughter and energy. It’s going to be different from your usual live so I want people to come and watch. The female performers among the group are a bit few so we’re thinking if we should wear something a little cuter than what we wear usually. Well we’re pretty excited about this too!

N: There’s a little nervousness during your usual fes, though it’s still fun. However, since this time it’s a live with friends, I think you would be able to see the ‘at-home’ face of that artist you like!




Q. How enthusiastic are you for this event?

Yamamura Ryouta (Vo,G): We’ll be appearing for both days, so it would be nice if people come for both days too. They’ll be receiving everyone’s energy and excitement, so I feel that we’ll have a great live for both days.

Sakai Kazuki (G): We’re going to be holding the event with a lot of seniors so while we are excited to see all the lives, we also feel that we’re engaged in a battle here, and with that I could give my all. Also, this photoshoot would be my last visual activity before I focus on my diet, so the ‘me’ that you’ll see on the event should be completely different. (laughs) Please look forward to that too.

Amakawa Genki (B): We got close to our colleagues in the agency through barbecue so I think that through this event, we would be able to close the gap between us and the audience. Incidentally, if I were to compare us to barbecue ingredients, artistes such as Perfume and Porno would be the marbled beef so I guess we’ll be the onions here. (laughs)

Ogura Seiji (Dr): Because the artistes here get along really well and because this is an Amuse-sponsored event, I think that the atmosphere of the live would be like no other fes. I would like everyone to feel that Amuse is this much fun and that everyone gets along so well.


Check out the official site of the event here.

source: natalie


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